Corporate Structure

We offer the following corporate structure consulting services:
• Business Licenses (US and International)
• Tax Registration (US and International)
• Business Plan (Development)
• Financial Structure (Forecasting)
• Market Research (Case Studies, Surveys, Focus Groups)
• Trademarks
• Legal (Contracting, Employee Manuals)
• Sustainability Statements
• Minority Certifications

Client: Copper Republic

Setting the Plan

Operations & Logistics

We offer the following operations & logistics consulting services:
• Manufacturing Channels
• State by State Registrations
• Internations Registrations
• On-Trade Off-Trade Accounts
• Brand Partnerships
• Source manufacturing materials
• Operation Plan
• Distribution Plan
• Go-To-Market Plan
• Shipping Resources
• Structural Design (Manufacturing Plant)
• HR

Client: Brough Brothers


Brand Crafting Services

We offer the following brand crafting services:
• Brand Identity Development
• Brand Voice
• Brand Guidelines
• Packing
• Media
• Retail media
• PR
• Market Positioning

Client: Kinder Jam


Brand Launch Service

We offer the following brand launch services:
• Brand Activation
• Go-To-Market Strategy Implementation
• Online Retail stores
• Sales Team
• Brand Ambassadors / Influencers
• Media Purchasing

Client: McBride Sisters

After the Launch

Maintenance Services

We offer the following maintenance services:
• Annual Book Keeping
• Inventory Control
• Quarterly performance review (goal matrix analysis)
• Taxes, license and trademark upkeep.
• Bottom Line management

Client: Blinking Owl

Jumpstarting your Revenue

Online Store for Clients

We offer the following consulting services to jumpstart your online store:
• Online Retail Store
• Promotional Merchandising
• Brand Supplemental Product Development
• Tradsheshow Merchandising
• Bottom Line management

Client: Seven Three Distilling

Lets Get Your Business’s Potential Multiplying