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The Traveler’s Spirit

Picasso. Rembrandt. Banksy. Wiley. With so much art in the world, what makes a perfectly curated fine wine and spirits brand portfolio?

At Rusty Rabbit, we take on this question and concept when choosing which brands we curate into our portfolio. Tapping into all five of your senses we submerge you in the safari filled plains of South Africa. We transport you to the fields of grain and groves of oranges in California, and back to a time where history converged with science in the great city of New Orleans. Our spirited journey will send you down the rabbit warren of London’s underground tubes and re-emerge you onto its vibrant streets before dropping you into a crisp glass of Italian grapes.

Let our fine wine and spirits portfolio take you on a perfectly curated journey of sound, smell, touch, vision, and taste to be experienced by your consumers in your venues, retail, and trade.

California Dreaming

Blinking Owl Distillery

The Blinking Owl is the very first craft distillery in Orange County. We also are one of the first distilleries in the state of California to hold the Type 74 Craft Distillers License allowing us to operate our tasting room and sell a few bottles. We make Vodka, Gin, several types of Whiskey, and the Scandinavian spirit, Aquavit.

SPIRIT behind the Owl…

We are locovores, grain nerds, and control freaks so we decided to actually make our booze the long way: from grain rather than pre-made spirit. We mill it, mash it, ferment it, distill it, and, in the case of whiskey, barrel age it. We also use locally grown Valencia oranges for our orange vodka, and feature hibiscus, the flower of our city of Santa Ana, in our aquavit and gin.

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Pure African Spirit

Copper Republic Distilling

In Africa there are crossroads that lead to adventure, then stretch beyond and further still. Where history is told in song and in dance. Where the true, wild fragrance of the land evokes memory.

We slow distill these fragrance memories, developing full and subtle depth in our hand crafted, small batch spirits. An evocation of African botanicals with their cellular songs of the sun, the great shimmering expanses of horizon and the sudden quench of warm summer rain.

Our craftsmanship is passed down through the hands and hearts of generations. A fusion of tradition, a truth to materials and a deep understanding of process. Time passed and time still to pass.
A purity of spirit.

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Colonial Virginia

Filibuster Distillery

Filibuster was founded in Washington D.C., just a few blocks from Capitol Hill, so naturally spirited conversation is in our blood. Our innovative approach to blending and finishing reflects our homage to freedom of expression – the essence of what makes this great land we call home so special.

Our solution – we took inspiration from the traditions of Scotland and the pioneering spirit of the United States and launched a creative finishing and blending program. Guided by the Dilawri Family, we’ve leveraged our longstanding connections to source the very best spirit we can find, and then age, blend and give it a new voice by finishing it in one-of-a-kind casks: California wine, sherry, port, you name it.

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Spirit of New Orleans

Seven Three Distilling

Seven Three Distilling is a celebration of America’s most interesting city. The story of New Orleans is written chapter by chapter across her 73 neighborhoods — so to honor our hometown, we’re proud to craft distinctive spirits with locally farmed ingredients for you to enjoy wherever good times roll.

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