Why we love to collaborate

Over the past five years, our business consultants have seen a boom in collaborations, just look at global fashion brands like Gucci with outdoor wear brand North Face this year, Louis Vuitton and Supreme, or Miley Cyrus and Converse. Even Cinderella and Barbie have had their own ranges within the MAC cosmetics line. 

In our own lives, we as humans like to align ourselves and surround ourselves with like-minded people, with those who inspire us or share the same interests. At Rusty Rabbit business consultancy we understand that these same traits carry through to how we, as consumers, engage with brands, celebrities and influencers, and with social media in general. 

The world we now live in has been forced into digital format and collaboration is a wonderful byproduct of this. It has granted brands an opportunity to approach customers directly and to create entire communities around their values. Collaboration is a powerful tool to enhance our own brand message. We too, as brands, can align ourselves with others that inspire us and share our mindset. 

The advantages of collaboration are simple: 

  • Extended Reach – collaborate with people and brands who have a similar but not identical customer profile. The ideal collaborative partner will have a customer base which emulates or overlaps with your own. 
  • Association – by collaborating with the right partners, your brand can become associated with them. These can lead to impactful numbers – for example, a consumer is 71% more likely to buy online if they have social proof of the desirability, reliability, or success of a product.  
  • Scale – if two heads are better than one, what can a whole team of heads bring to the table? Collaboration can breed endless opportunities. 
  • Mutual Success – By partnering with another brand, you identify and highlight your own brand values and announce them to your shared pool of consumers. More than ever people want to know what a brand stands for; ethically, environmentally, politically. By partnering with a brand with shared values, the ability to bring those values into existence is increased, and the effort is shared, as is your success. 

All of this leads onto our latest partnership; Rusty Rabbit’s newest release, Lapin Rouillé Champagne with Naughty Naturals World

Our two businesses have an aligned goal, to tap into all five of your senses. 

You taste the delicious fine wines and spirits we’ve artfully curated into our portfolio, you touch the amazing bottles, all of which tell a story. We help you to see the exciting places you get to experience from the comfort of your own home, you can smell the warm summer evenings in Champagne through our expertly crafted champagne, Lapin Rouillé. And through collaborations, like this, you can hear about the brands that make up a unique portfolio of spirits, and those of our friends. 

In this collaboration we have partnered with Naughty Naturals World to bring partners a romantic and sensual experience this Valentine’s Day. 


Cocktails & Candles: Date Night Pour – Event details

Are you ready to explore and excite all five of your senses? This cocktails and candles night will take you all the way there. This virtual one hour date night soiree will include: 

Smell – Live DIY scented soy wax candle experience for two curated by Naughty Naturals World.

See – Two glasses and cocktail recipe cards

Hear – Your date night playlist


With the option to add on…

Touch – Massage oils curated by N’ice Cream Butters and a special ‘naughty’ set

Taste – Champagne cocktails from Baltimore based Cane Collective, with Lapin Rouillé Champagne from us at Rusty Rabbit International.’


This is a great example of collaboration creating mutual success for all brands involved, and the consumer couples of course. Find out more about the event our business consultants and clients are so excited about here: Cocktails & Candles: Date Night Pour

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